Ruben Castro Charities is a non-profit community-based organization committed to eliminating generational poverty by fostering relationships, education and agency coordination.

Our Mission

To inspire hope and renewal by honoring relationships, education and compassionate community engagement.

Our Vision

Inspiring Hope

Hope gives us the strength and desire to get through difficult times. We want to inspire hope by providing for an individual’s physical and emotional well-being.

Inspiring Renewal

Renewal is a belief in reinvestment. We promote continual growth and reexamination of our outreach, partnerships, services and processes to better serve individuals within our communities.

Honoring Relationships

Developing and maintaining relationships is essential to meaningful and productive community service. We honor our past while seeking future connections in service of individuals and organizations within our communities.

Honoring Education

We believe that education creates opportunities. We start by educating individuals about community resources, and educating the community about individual needs. We provide educational services, connections, and partnerships to promote literacy and eliminate generational poverty.

Honoring Compassionate Community Engagement

We serve with compassion and empathy. We address every individual with kindness and mutual respect. We honor diverse backgrounds by creating solutions specific to context and community.